BitcoinZ 2MARS Miner Settings
  • Server: - Canada
  • Server: - USA
  • Server: - Netherlands
  • Server: - Singapore
  • Password: X
  • Port: Ports are the same for all servers
  • Port: 1234 Auto Diff Recommened For All Miners
  • Pers: BitCoinZ
  • Algo: 144,5
  • miniZ (Nvidia Only)
  • miniZ --url [email protected]:1234 --pass x --par 144,5 --pers BitcoinZ --templimit=80 --latency --extra --show-mode --ocX --ocXsamples=900 --ocXreset --list-modes --gpu-line --extra --show-shares --show-server
  • lolMiner (AMD/Nvidia Only)
  • lolMiner -a EQUI144_5 --pool --user wallet.worker --pers BitcoinZ
2MARS Bitcoinz Pool Stats
24 Miners
36 Workers
12.45 KSol/s (Now)
Bitcoinz Network Stats
Block Height: 1387695
Network Hash/s: 29.84 KSol/s
Difficulty: 622.8073353626847
Node Connections: 12
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